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Grace in Receiving

grace in receiving

Grace in Receiving is a virtue. Many know how to give more than to receive. The majority don’t know how to give or how to receive. That is bad. Very few know the skills and grace in receiving. I’ve pondered many times how I’ll increase my receiving capacity which is a good skill. I’ve tried to test them. I want to share some with you to let you know that we individually limit our capacity to receive.

We receive what we expect to.

This is the law of expectation.

We receive what we give/sow/plant.

This obeys the law of harvest.

We receive what we prepare for.

This obeys the law of preparation.

We receive what we have a nature of it in us.

This response to the law attraction.

We receive what we are committed to following up.

This is the law of follow-up.

…but this teaching is better shared LIVE as I’ll be restrictive because of space.

My definition of what you receive excludes

  • What you worked for i.e., earned e.g., wages/salary. You worked for it.
  • Entitlements, like inheritance, titles
  • Rights, claims, and royalties

but covers such things we can receive as

  • Money
  • Attraction
  • Blessings
  • Favour
  • Grace
  • Time
  • Love
  • Gifts, accessories, consumables
  • Assets, even liability.
  • Dress
  • Care
  • etc

coming from one person to another or someone to you. I’m more bothered about expanding the scope of what you receive from people. Your potency to receive will increase if;

grace in receiving
grace in receiving
  1. You develop the capacity for positive expectations. Capacity is bowel for receiving. Many don’t expect anything and hence don’t receive it. More expectations enhance more receiving. Positive expectation is a platform for good things. Develop it now.
  2. You become appreciative of much [no matter how little] you receive. Be grateful and show gratitude for every ounce of value, every dime of money, every gift of attention, every piece of advice/direction and every second received. It makes room for another giving you. A primary reason many fail interviews on a regular/serial basis is that they’re ungrateful in writing/texting/emailing back the panel that interviewed them for the job opportunity, their time and attention given to you. They think it is those interviewers’ job and their own [interviewee] rights. Even if you think it is the interviewers’ job in your mind, they don’t owe you the job. They can give it to the next appreciative person.
  3. Be immediate or quick to appreciate no matter how negligible you think your appreciation could be. Delaying appreciation can be translated/interpreted as an afterthought or advice from another, not original thinking, or nature of yours.
  4. Create room to acknowledge in future people who showed you kindness or gave you things in the past. Even when you’ve not received from anyone or consciously anticipated, create room or disposition that you can appreciate.
  5. Learn the law of positioning. Positioning is a variable in forces of success. Learn to be in the right place at the right time with the right people, and most importantly, be the right person. Be there!
  6. Be the right person to deserve the receiving (being given). I mention part of it in the previous item [#5]. Work on yourself. Qualify you. Make yourself acceptable to people. Be prepared.
  7. Pray for favour in life to receive from people bounties. If you survive your struggles alone, you will be worn out early.
  8. You on yourself learn generosity. Learn to give so shall men give to your bosom [Luke 6:38]. Whatever you want to receive, give it.

Let me stop here. Do ask for grace in receiving.

Dr. Mike is a Speaker and Auhor. He can be reached via the CONTACT.

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