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Ghostwriting, Part 2

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I said that a ghost writer can major in: Screen Writings, Radio/Television Writings, Scripts/Ad Writings, Humor and Comedy Writings, Speech Writings, Business Writings, etc. Now, what are gains of engaging in Ghost Writings?

6 Benefits of Being a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting gigs can be some of the most lucrative in all of freelancing. The benefits of ghosting, as writing insiders call it, include:

#1. Interesting subjects:


Ghostwriting provides the chance to work with exciting clients, who in turn provide interesting subject matter.

#2. A wide audience:

Ghostwriting can be a back door into some of the most prestigious corners of the publishing world. Some ghostwriting gigs can lead you all the way to becoming a bestseller.

#3. Upfront payment for your work:

Ghostwriting almost always involves a flat fee as opposed to an hourly rate.

#4. Freedom from having to promote the book:

With ghostwriting, there’s no need to do personal marketing such as social media posts or press junkets.

#5. Objective distance from your work:

The chance for more objective distance than you might have with your own work. While you aren’t an interchangeable copywriter, you also aren’t creating a text that bares your inner soul. You’re a freelancer doing a work-for-hire or as PP (Private Practice), which can be emotionally freeing.

#6. Good experience:

Ghostwriting provides a chance to build up your writing skills, cut-outs and collections, which can then be applied in your own books.

How Can I be a Ghost Writer?

Waoooo, space is gone, wait for part 2.

Mike Ihezuo has helped staff of many topmost organizations/agencies in Nigeria in writing skills ranging from report writing, proposal writing, letter writing, address/speech writing, tender/pre-qualifications writing, scripting, business plans and feasibility study and viability appraisals, etc.

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