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Feelers. Doers. Which one are you?


feelers, doersFeelers, Doers, Are you motivated by which?

Most managers even administrators and leaders I’ve met don’t do things in the order of priority or planning that they’ve rationally set or selected for themselves. Instead, they do things by (or according to) feelings. That’s how their typical day, week, month or year is run. This by the way is how toddlers, infants live and run their lives.

This crop of managers live like children (infants). They live from feeling to feeling.
When they feel like crying, they cry.
When they feel like laughing, they laugh.
When they feel like drooling, they drool.

Can I shock you?

You don’t suppose to do things because you feel like doing it! Period. That’s infants life. That’s how infants live. Oliver Wendell Holmes was right when he said that people can be divided into two classes: those who go ahead and do something, and those who stood still and inquire, why wasn’t it done the other way.

Many managers, administrators and leaders fall into two categories: the doors and the feelers.

The Doers

Doers do what needs to be done to reach their goals or a goal set. They can come to work having planned out what needs to be done.

The Feelers

Feelers do what they feel like doing. “I feel like doing this and that….” Feelers take their emotional temperature throughout different times of the day, checking in on themselves, figuring out what they feel like doing at time, t. Their lives, their outcomes, their financial security are all dictated by the fluctuations of their feelings. Their feelings will change constantly, of course, so hard for a feeler to follow anything through to a successful conclusion.
[Please follow me intently and intentionally].


Feelers feelings are changed (and thermometerized: measured) by many things such as gastric upset, biorhythms, a cup of tea/coffee, a stick of cigarettes, a moment of sex, a short of alcoholic spirit, an annoying call from friend/relation, a rude attendant/waitress’s attitude, a bit of headache or toothache, and so on. These are the dictating forces, influencers, commanders, of a feeler’s world and life.


Doers already know in advance how much time that will be spent; on the conversation, phone, with the guest, in the field, what relationship will be strengthened, what communications need to be made, what employees will do, and on and on. Too many people are grossly ineffective in workplaces and personal lives.

See, doers use a three prong step system to guarantee success or effectiveness:
+1 they figure out what they want to achieve
+2 they figure out what needs to be done to achieve +1
+3 they just do it.
Are you following me?

Can I bet you?

This is actual observed system used by super-achievers without fail. What measures or programs do your organizational leaders carry out make sure they and their managers/directors don’t fail? Are they feelers? Or doers? The choice is theirs!!!

Take a Stock before been stocked Out

A feeler is a “drift in a mysterious life of unexpected consequences and depressing problems”, says Steve Chandler. Check out within your organization or team, a feeler asks,
“do I feel like making my calls now?”
“do I feel like writing that thank you note?”,
“do I feel like dropping in on Mr A or Ms B right now?”,
and so on.
If answer is ‘NO’, Mr Feeler keeps going down the list, asking, “Do I feel like doing something else?”
A feeler lives inside that line of inquiry all day long.

My goal in this post is to discourage you living your life by feeling but intentionally by intentions: Plan You! Priorize You!! Strategize You!!! Don’t live life as you see it but live life by Your Calculated Design – Living By Design (LBD).

Further Help to You by Contrasting Clarity

A doer has a high self-esteem (a key variable in success motivation equation). A doer enjoy many satisfaction throughout the day, even when some of his doings were preceded by discomforts and inconveniences BUT because he/she sees LIFE BY DESIGN materialized in their lives, businesses and careers.

Similarly, a feeler is ALMOST ALWAYS comfortable, BUT never really satisfied because he/she follows LINE OF LEAST DEFENSE, or LINE OF CHEAPEST CONVENIENCE.

A doer knows the true, deep happiness that only life’s super achievers know. Brother/sister reading, there are tiny pockets of people who are super-achievers, while few others are moderate-achievers and greater majority of mankind are no-achievers.

A feeler believes that happiness is for children, and that life for adults is filled with ongoing miseries and hassles.

A doer experiences more and more power every year of life, while a feeler feels less and less powerful as the year goes by.

Can I finally Empower You, Leader?

Your capacity, ability and grace to motivate your followers;

– increases EXPONENTIALLY (not arithmetically) as your reputation as a doer increases

– you get more and more CLARITY about who the feelers, doers and those are in your team, group or organization.

– finally, help you model you and REWARD the doing, and INSPIRE the feelers on your team, group or organization to become doers.

Let me stop here.

Mike Ihezuo helps organizations, groups and teams like yours find their feats, grow and achieve goals, serve and live purpose. Dr Mike Ihezuo can help you tremendously. He writes for Proctles Consulting, https://proctles.com and other organizations. Reach him on any of his Digital Marketing Platforms such as https://mikeihezuospeaks.net/meet-mike-live, https://leadershiproundtablehq.com, @mikeihezuospeakstv, @mikeihezuospeakshq, @MikeOIhezuo, @LeaderMikeO, leadermikeo@gmail.com, or WhatsApp or https://proctles.com.

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