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Evaluate Your Prospective Leaders First Before Empowering Them

Evaluate Your Prospective [Emerging] Leaders First Before You Empower Them is my burden today. See;

“If anyone wants to provide leadership in the church, good! But there are preconditions.” 1 Timothy 3:1 (The Message Bible)

The place to start empowering people is by evaluating them. Don’t rush into consecrating leaders. With inexperienced people, if you give them too much authority too soon, you can be setting them up to fail. With people who have lots of experience, if you move too slowly you can frustrate and demoralize them. That’s true. That’s why leadership is too fragile, and everyone needs help to do well.

Anytime leaders misjudge the capabilities of higher leaders the results can be fatal.

Remember that everyone has the potential to succeed. Your job as a leader is to see the potential, find out what the emerging leader lacks, and equip him with what he needs. As you evaluate the people you intend to empower or put into leadership positions, look first at three areas:

Knowledge – Think about what people need to know to do anything you intend to give them.

Skill – Nothing is more frustrating than being asked to do things for which you have no ability, no dexterity.

Desire – No amount of skill, knowledge, or potential can help a person succeed if he doesn’t have the desire to be successful.

Excerpts: 1. The Holy Book [Bible] by Holy Spirit. 2. Becoming a Person of Influence by John C. Maxwell and 3. Equipping Leaders to Lead by Mike Ihezuo.

Evaluate Your Prospective Leaders First Before Empowering Them is a real assignment not to be taken for granted or even delegated.

Mike Ihezuo is a Minister and a Leadership Developer. He speaks and writes on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, ADR, and Motivationals. He can help your organizations,  and people discover their bearings in Leadership. He can be reached on this CONTACT or #LX.

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