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Do You Ever Ask Questions?   

One of my beloved brothers and cousins by name, Uncle Benji Amadi is quoted as always asking people, “Do you ever ask questions?” Benji is right in that query. Questioning is one of the ways of learning. To me, it is second. Questioning answers to INTEREST and CURIOSITY. Every discovery, invention and it is a product of an insightful question. Do you know that over 90% of Jesus Christ’s teachings were provoked by questions people asked? Same with Paul, even Peter. What if the questions were not asked? Of all the 15 greatest inventions of humanity in all generations such as the alphabet, printing, the telephone, planes, etc. are as results of some people’s questions.

(1) Alphabets came into being because somebody asked how we can communicate in writing.

(2) Paper money and currencies came into being because someone questioned trade by barter and its inconveniences.

(3) The printing press came in because some people questioned the inconsistencies of human writing due to fatigue.

(15) The Internet became the #15 greatest discovery from the creation of mankind to date because people questioned how we’ll reach whoever we want to reach in any format video, text, or audio at any time at will.

Do you want me to say more? I mean the rest 11? No now, until we meet live.

But do you ever ask an insightful question? If yes, good of you. If not [nay]; you have got these 30 fundamental problems:

(1) You think you know much, not knowing you don’t. Wrong estimate of self.

(2) You are proud. Most people who don’t ask questions are proud

(3) You will be a poor learner. Great learners ask even unbelievable questions and get believable answers.

(4) You have a poor self-esteem and self-confidence problem. Work on it.

(30) MOST IMPORTANTLY; You can’t be a great leader. All great leaders ask GREAT Questions.

do you ever ask questions?
do you ever ask questions?

These 30 things happen to you, but let’s stop on these 5 and leave out #5-#29 until we meet live. But learn to ask insightful (not stupid) questions or ask for help today at #LeadershipXcellence or this CONTACT. Again, do you ever ask questions?

What do you think? Post your Comment, please.

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