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Deception: Do Due Diligence

Deception is a strong weapon of mass destruction, so you need deception: do due diligence. It is applied everywhere and every time. Too common, it’s in every area, call, practice, discipline and what have you. It’s satan in serpent form that deceived Eve, the progenitor of the human race. Deception has sweet unsuspecting names;

+ In negotiation, it is called gambit

+ In strategy, it is called a ploy

+ In politics, it is called lobbying

+ In a relationship, it is called diplomacy

+ In leading, it masquerades as manipulation, etc.

Deception is, connotes, implies, and means evil.


Your wisdom is circumvented.

Deception keeps sowing new dresses.

– People deceive people.

– People deceive nations.

– People deceive organizations.

– People deceive themselves (the worst form of deception).

I consider people deceiving themselves as the worst (case) scenario – the most stupid, careless, unthoughtful.

Why? Why must someone deceive himself? Why must someone shoot himself?

You ought to deceive other persons or organizations (hear me: if you must deceive) to gain an advantage to benefit you (at least for now), but when you deceive yourself, are you not the most stupid?  You are like one who corks a gun and triggers it on his legs instead of the adversary.


The cures to deception as I see it in self-lives, organizations, societies, etc. are;

  1. Second Time Review (2nd Time Thinking, sleeping over a matter, proposal, issue),
  2. Consulting
  3. Godly Counsels if you will be blessed to get one.
  4. Perhaps, the most critical is doing Due Diligence. Most bad things that happen to us in life happen because WE and THOSE AROUND US fail to do our DUE DILIGENCE.

Lack of due diligence makes us;

  1. Assume things
  2. Presume things
  3. Ignore asking questions
  4. Think the other person knows our mind, is ‘our own’ mind-reader, or is employed to be reading our minds.
  5. Think the other person can act as an angel when we, are demons.
  6. Push things to luck and chances (very stupid stance in life).
  7. etc.

When you develop the character and attitude of due diligence, you can walk out of and away from many challenges of life, and reduce your prayer points.

  1. Our country has not done due diligence from the beginning
  2. Our societies have not been known to be due diligence type.
  3. Out system’s second name is Non-Diligence.
  4. Worst: individually, we’re not due diligent by character, by attitude, and by habits [ emphasis: ‘by’].

We go to schools buy certificates and come out (graduate) and question;

  1. why the economic solutions we proffer with MSc, and PhD Economics is not working,
  2. why people we treat in hospitals as Doctors and Nurses are not cured,
  • why in court we give Conflicting judgments using one constitution on the same matter,
  1. why SMEs are not surviving first or second anniversary before winding up,
  2. why unemployment is skyrocketing in close to 200 universities,
  3. why are companies leaving the shores of the country,
  • why sycophancy and politics are becoming the most lucrative professions with the ban?
  • dirty and kidnapping are already the most lucrative ventures?
  • why we’re becoming incapable of raising leaders for the political, institutional, and corporate world?
  • why do the most educated of us all, very senior professors rig elections for those they taught and should guide intellectually, and come back to expect good governance and paying them MOU?  Self-deception!

No due diligence in all of these and more…

When you become due diligent, you avert certain deception if not all.

People deceive themselves by believing, doing, reading, and following the wrong thing. Avert deception, as much as possible. Maybe, nobody is above being deceived, just like making mistakes, but avoid/avert them for you. No award/accolade is given for being deceived.

Leader Mike has been on cutting helping leaders to become true leaders in a world CHARACTER is lagging and lacking, where people desire positions of leadership for money, power, and fame and certainly not to lead others to their future. Mike can help you produce the leader inside you and your people. Contact Us or Meet Mike Live.

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