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Customer Service 2: Success Key#3 For Impact

Customer service is an integral part of anyone’s job and not an extension. If a firm’s most vital assets are customers, if the hospital most vital assets are patients, if the church most vital asset is members [congregations], etc.; for continuity’s sake, the most vital assets should be satisfied. When you do this, you are helping yourself to grow. Ten Commandments OF GREAT Customer Services.

  1. Be An Expert in Listening. Take time to identify needs by asking questions. Ask questions: you’ll be sure of getting yes or no, then not getting any. Listen to their words, tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, how they feel. Beware of making assumptions or conclusions for people. If you don’t know up to 3 things that are important to your customers, clients, members, etc., you are not doing well.
  2. Appreciate the power of “yes”. Always look for ways to help your customers and members.
  3. Know how to apologize. When something goes wrong, apologize. It’s easy and customers like it. The customer may not be right, but the customer must win.
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