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Mike Ihezuo Believe ON leadership

My Opinion

I believe every problem, challenge, trouble, and solution comes from leaders. Leaders make all things happen. Leadership answer to all: failure or success, depression, repression, inflation, downturn, doom or recession, entirely ALL things, not some. See;

  • Leaders make companies, ministries, churches, society, and institutions, to raise global competitiveness
  • Leaders kill the companies, ministries, churches, and societies entrusted to their care and blame it on funds, the economy, the environment, curses, people, bosses, etc., and never on themselves
  • Leaders scuttle, mar, and make our economy, polity, and systems
  • Leaders give our society, people, and world hope and future or despair and NFA (No Future Ambition)
  • Leaders don’t maintain the status quo, systems, and procedures, managers do
  • Leaders don’t just implement agreed orders, policies, or guidelines, administrators do
  • Leaders don’t order people around, bosses do
  • Leaders don’t sit tight and order, and convert followers to servants, rulers do
  • Leaders model first, then ministers, feed and guide the flock, many pastors only preach.

That’s why Leadership RoundTable HQ believes that every problem, trouble, and solution comes from leaders. Leaders answer to all: failure and success. It is these leaders that really fail, not inanimate organization, as they make us believe. Organizations [inanimate] do not fail, it is organizational people (animate) that fail, in fact, it is her leaders that fail.

These leaders are;

  • The supervisors/managers/directors in corporate organizations
  • The ministers/pastors/bishops in churches and ministries
  • The government officials, administrators, teachers, in fact, every life influencer, etc.

But, do these people know that they are leaders – and that to achieve RESULT (be effective) they need to learn leadership skills?

This is what Dr Mike Ihezuo and #MikeIhezuoSpeaks are WIRED to do in her generation;

To Develop, Impart, Equip, and Empower leadership in people, organizations, and society.