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Concentrate on One Goal

concentrate on one goal
concentrate on one goal

It is easy and best (of course) to concentrate on one goal, pursuit, endeavour, or dream if a person is well motivated. The opposite is true also. Self-motivation has a very strong connection to the concentration of an individual who aims for a very special thing. When one aims for one thing very special, the motivation is strongest. When one aims at many things at a time, the motivation is weaker. A truism, again. 


Such discovery or claim is very applicable in the process of attaining a very important goal in life or a very significant opportunity that can lead a person to success.


 Definition of Terms


 My attempt to define motivation of course self-motivation for you is SELF-STARTING, SELF-QUICKENING. You must have read Human Resources Management people or Recruiters saying in a Vacancy Advertisement that they need someone who is self-starting. They just mean self-motivating or just motivating/motivation.


 According to Cambridge Dictionary, concentrate means to direct your attention or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject, or problem.


 Now, what I will be writing on concentration here is intense laser attention or efforts directed towards a particular activity, assignment, job, goal, problem, subject or leadership task. So, we go…


 Ways to Concentrate


 There are so many ways to concentrate on a task/goal with the use of some effective motivational techniques. And some of its examples can be executed by only one person: YOU.


 Motivation has the capacity, capability, and ability to improve the level of concentration of a person while trying to complete a very important goal or task. This special thing there can encourage a person to pursue a very difficult task even if the needed things are not so easy to get. The special thing is something that can provide self-confidence, boost, strength, and courage in the mood of a person. The issues that are related to hopelessness can be easily resolved with the help of this special thing which can be achieved by a person only with the use of a reward or any ‘special’ thing that can bring happiness and satisfaction in life after several days of focusing on a very tough responsibility.


 It is Important & Essential to Concentrate on One Goal Anytime.


 Motivation and concentration have a strong significant connection and correlation coefficient to each other. Sure, you know? These two things can change the overall performance of a person in business, career, school (academics), work, leadership, and even in the process of achieving a very special goal in life. If motivation is absent in the life of a person, it will be very hard for that individual to focus on a certain goal. It is because motivation helps a person to find a perfect intent for a certain action or plan once executed.


 Steps to Achieving Concentration on Goals


 The following are the steps on how to concentrate on one goal while aiming to understand the concept of motivation: 


 Firstly, self-evaluation must be executed by a person while trying to self-motivate oneself to concentrate on one goal. Try to establish some limits and target accomplishments on the daily schedule of the tasks that are meant to be finished in the completion of a goal. Self-evaluate your strength. Give yourself targets, limits, and milestones. Okay? 



 Secondly, think of something that can be used as a reward for oneself just in case the goal has been completed. Why? you need to reward yourself. You must learn to celebrate your feats, and your successes anytime it happens.



 Thirdly, do not think of any negative situation/circumstance while trying to accomplish all the tasks that will lead to the completion of an important goal of yours… and don’t entertain negative friends and relatives. Stay positive and look into the things and rewards that will come after the challenges. 


 Let me stop at the 3rd.


 That’s it! When all three steps are properly executed, a person will be able to concentrate on one goal. Such steps simply explain the importance of motivation in all aspects of the daily living of a person. 


 Importance of Concentrating


 Learn the art of concentration in everything. It focuses on you and helps you to focus. Focus help you to succeed. Success is far away without focus. Many other goals of interest in life, business and career do not mean, you’ll discard them. You can contract out some of your goals that are not the primary. Contracting it out doesn’t make it less your goal, such as you contract your projects, contracts and business, it doesn’t make it less than your project, business or contract. The reason for contracting is to create room for variables of concentration for the MAIN goal.


 Costs of Not Concentrating


 Not concentrating on your Main goal or concentrating are expensive from many angles. It leads to many losses. Few of them are through;


 1. Wastages.

 time, energy, resources, money, and strength are wasted when concentration is lacking in an activity or goal. The time that can be used in realizing another objective or goal is spent moving sluggishly because one is not concentrating. Energy is reduced or wasted in some cases because most things in life can only be achieved successfully at the point of HIGHEST MOMENTUM ie the point of highest concentration. other resources are likewise wasted. A saying says, “When you put salt in the soup and it didn’t salt, the salt put is useless.” In as much as this statement is not 100% right, it makes some sense here. Money and Strength can be resources also but can stand alone also, so in the event of poor concentration, they are wasted.


 2. Distracted.

 not concentrating next point of arrival is DISTRACTION. When a person is experiencing poor or no concentration, just wait for him or her at the next bus stop: distraction.


 3. Disillusioned.

 when people failed to concentrate, they feel disillusioned with what they’re doing, trying to imagine it as unachievable or too precarious to grab. This is worse for people who have not developed or trained themselves on long-concentration stamina. Many people fizzle out quickly in whatever they’re concentrating on or doing.


Mike Ihezuo helps organizations and individuals succeed and achieve goals. He can be reached at https://mikeihezuospeaks.net or Ad Inquiry or leadermikeo@gmail.com.


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