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YOUR TIME equals YOUR LIFE, Part 1

What do you do with your time? Let me guess: chat, gossip, visit, eat, travel, call, watch movies, visit Cinemas or hangouts, listen to radios and news, attend workshops, read books, listen to inspirations and or mo tivational, quarrel, fight, argue, debate, criticize, critique, work, worship, praise, etc.? How many percent of your time are […]

YOUR TIME equals YOUR LIFE, Part 2

One of the keys to personal and professional success lies in how you spend your time. Do you really invest it or waste it? Incidentally every one of us; rich or poor, educated or uneducated, failure, failing or succeeding, small or big, etc have 24 hours divided that is into 12hours in the day and […]

The Forces Of Effectiveness

Over the years of observations of ineffectiveness in people and organizations and teaching effectiveness, I’ve come to ask, survey, query, interview, observe and study WHY, when, where, what and how do people develop ineffectiveness, hence have develop poor content for effectiveness. For want of space, few of them are; Poor Self-management in Time (Time Management) […]

How Do You See Reading? Part 1

What do you think about reading? How do you see reading? What triggers on in you at the mention of reading? – Boring, Sluggish, Unnecessary, Tired, Tiresome, Learning, Study, Sleepy, Sleeping, Non-essential, Non-rewarding, Exciting, Reinvigorating, Charging up? Etc. Add yours. How you see something matters on what you get out of the thing. QED. This […]

How Do You See Reading? Part 2

Not being good at reading is forming a black man way of doing things (culture). It is a poor reading culture if people find reading as punishment, manual hard-labour, non-exciting and non-energizing. A saying has it, “if you want hide something to a black man, put it inside a book (text), he’ll not see it”. […]


Your time equals your life is just a precious truth you must grasp. After discussing three [3] keys to managing self within time [what people call Time Management] in part 2 which are; 1. Construct a system – a system of doing things, a system of people, just a system 2. Focus on your goals […]

Never Forget Your Theme, Part 2

Theme is vital and critical in making your daily progressive which accumulates to success. It shows you continue from where you stopped. You don’t come and restart what you started before or start another new thing, either because someone or you distracted you. Having said this; never ever forget your theme. How Do You Do […]

The Concept Called LEARNING

We learn not every day but at every moment we are disposed to learning and have an opportunity to learn. This opportunity comes because someone is willing (charitable, kind) to dispense knowledge. Many hoard knowledge, others hide, a few communicate, while few share. Which one are you? Good learners listen to every WORD in a […]

Ghost Writing, Part 3

How to Become a Ghostwriter In part 2 of this series, after discussing the Benefits of Ghostwriting, the big question was; how do I become a ghostwriter? I postponed the answer to this part 3 now. Let me give this foundational advice, to be a ghostwriter, “THINK LIKE A PRO” – a professional writer, and […]

Ghostwriting, Part 1

What’s GhostWriting? I write letters, speeches, reports, Proposals, tender papers and pre-qualifications, and ad scripts for net-worth individuals for money.  I’ve written 6 books and edited many for people and inserted their names. (I didn’t read English Language or Communications Arts – just University of Personal Development). My pay is the bill. In one, I […]

Ghostwriting, Part 2

Continue from Part 1 Benefits I said that a ghost writer can major in: Screen Writings, Radio/Television Writings, Scripts/Ad Writings, Humor and Comedy Writings, Speech Writings, Business Writings, etc. Now, what are gains of engaging in Ghost Writings? 6 Benefits of Being a Ghostwriter Ghostwriting gigs can be some of the most lucrative in all […]