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A High-End Hotel For Sale

A high-end hotel for sale. Economic Benefits of Investing in a high-end hotel for sale. Poised to reinvent organizations, genres, and people in their world! It is in the strength of our knowledge, competence, capacity, and character, that a business mogul and investor in agriculture, hospitality and recreation industry, and other businesses approached us to […]

High-End Hotel & Suites For Sale


A high-end hotel and suites in Port Harcourt have been given to us to sell at a giveaway price. ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN IT A high-end hotel for sale. Particular Of The Business. Name: A hotel (name: withheld) Class:  High-end Hotels and Suites Area: close to Port Harcourt International Airport Location: Igwuruta Town, a 10-minute drive […]