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Strategic Rediscovery


Strategic Rediscovery: 5 Renewal Strategies for Aspiring Successful Organization in Today’s Economy is my burden. When you work in any store, pharmacy, supermarket, superstore, or even open market, you groan over the uncontrollable rising cost of living. Even the currency is losing value against international currencies, and I can assure you that it is even […]

Effective Meeting Management


How Effective Are Your Meeting Management? If you want meetings to be productive, contributory, collection, and collation of best brainstorming, there are skills and knowledge needed to be called Effective Meeting Management. See; Organizations gather for annual general meetings with little or no achievement distinct from the previous one than partying, shows, and in some […]

Come Out Of Your Shell


Come Out Of Your Shell, and live. It’s time to come out of your shell. Society abounds with people who are inwardly afraid, who recoil from life, who suffer from a massive sense of inadequacies and insecurity, and who doubt their powers. You may just be one of these lots. But for you, come out […]

Thinking of Starting a Business?


Do You Have The Right Stuff To Starting A Business? … the nuts and bolts [the prerequisites] of starting a business You want to own and manage your own business. Welcome to our world! Or can I say my world? Congratulations! It is a good idea – provided you know what it takes and have […]

The right strategic partnership for business


Finding the right Strategic Partnership for business is key to success in the business world. Click the link below: Finding the Right Strategic Partnership for your Business CALL.

Minding Your Own Business Is a Good Business


Minding your own business is a good business. Often in life, people concentrate on their friends, neighbors even relations businesses more than theirs so much that it can be equated to forgetting theirs. They will require an awakening to return to their own business. That means they forgot or got less conscious of their businesses, […]

Laws Of Money


Laws of Money brings us to a good retrospect. Money is the fruit of a seed, a product of a process, an output of input, a result of a thing, an effect of a cause, a reward for services, and an outcome of an activity. Success like Money is a resultant effect, a total of […]

Your Why-To’s Vs Why-Not-To’s Determinants


Your Why-To’s Vs Why-Not-To’s Determinants is a determinant as the name implies. Picture a balance, like the scales of justice you see as the justice/judiciary logo. It’s an instrument for determining weight that has a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a plate. On one plate, imagine that we have […]

As a Budding Entrepreneur, Act Now

As a Budding Entrepreneur, Act Now and Listen. Jean Buridan, the 16th-century French Philosopher, once told the story of how a bundle of hay and a bucket of water were put an equal distance before a hungry and thirsty donkey. Still, just because the animal could not decide which to choose first between the water […]

Reasons Many Small Businesses Fail in Nigeria, 03


Reasons Many Small Businesses Fail in Nigeria, 03 continues from part 2. Harsh Government Fiscal, Economic, and Monetary Policy Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. The government will always make policies that will affect you positively or negatively. You must be ready for emergencies. Your exit strategy must be tight. It is not usually easy but […]

Reasons Many Small Businesses Fail Here, 01

Why do many small businesses fail? Reasons Many Small Businesses Fail Here, 01 are real. This should be uppermost in the minds of wannabe entrepreneurs and new start-ups. A great number of small businesses fail in their first 1 to 2 years of existence or operation. Certainly, many small businesses fail because of many factors […]

How Upward-Moving Organizations Learn & Grow, 1

How Upward-Moving Organizations Learn & Grow, 1. Before now, mistakes used to be taboos. Why suddenly are so many successful business leaders urging their companies and colleagues to make more mistakes and embrace more failures? This sounds ironic, isn’t it? In May 2017, after becoming CEO of Coca-Cola Co, James Quincey called upon rank-and-file managers […]