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Laws Of Money


Laws of Money brings us to a good retrospect. Money is the fruit of a seed, a product of a process, an output of input, a result of a thing, an effect of a cause, a reward for services, and an outcome of an activity. Success like Money is a resultant effect, a total of […]

These Billionaires Could Buy Your City


These Billionaires Could Buy Your City. Each of them can be richer than many nations. Watch out for them. Fingers are not equal. One person can be more than a nation. Bible even confirm it. https://www.gobankingrates.com/money/wealth/watch-out-these-billionaires-could-buy-your-city/

Winning in RISK Challenging Economies

When there’s a downturn in economy, many organizations withdraw from; insuring their RISKS, investing in #1 profit driver, KNOWLEDGE and exploring and EXPLOITING OPPORTUNITIES. They avoid these three ’cause they think the three are expenses and that they need to cut cost. Invariably, this error constitutes a greater risk. Sir, Knowledge and Customers are two […]