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What is peace

what is peace

What is peace sounds like a puzzle or rhetoric but a serious heart-demanding answer. My Snapshots on It – Intro It has always been among humanity’s most sought out or highest values, for some, it is supreme. You have heard of such as: “Peace at any price.” “The piece of my heart”. Read me, and […]

Celebrating Mike Ihezuo, MCArb

Celebrating one of the newest arbitrators, Dr Mike Ihezuo, MCArb.Arbitration as a means of Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] has continued to gain a large ground in the scheme of dispute resolution globally. Arbitration together with Mediation, Conciliation, and Negotiation has continued to gain ground in achieving settlements to disputes, and conflict resolutions as against using […]

The Cost of Unresolved Conflicts, Part 1

Few years ago, my 2 maternal uncles had a conflict. Their 4 sisters summoned a settlement meeting in their Villa. Somehow, I was invited, perhaps as an honoured grandson. No other grandson. I went. At the meeting, their sisters (my 4 aunts) prevailed on their 2 brothers to forgive themselves and that they’re not here […]

Managing Conflicts, Part 4: Don’t Take Conflicts for Granted

DON’T IGNORE IT! Conflict is not a new / strange thing for people. Conflicts is part of existence. Human beings experience it in their day-to-day lives – with their friends, families, associates and more so their professional lives. In the workplace, conflict causes a massive degree of frustration, pain, discomfort, sadness, as well as anger. […]

Managing Conflicts, Part 3: Needs for Conflict Management Skills

Traditional, rather classical way many bosses try to resolve Conflicts is to ask a staff’s boss perhaps manager, supervisor or whoever that’s above the Conflicting parties to wave into the matter. Another way is by appointing a grey heir person or older staff to resolve it. These are errors. It makes Conflicts and grievances a […]

Managing Conflicts, Part 2

Continue from Part 1 : Cost and Losses I know of one organization (among many, anyway) where the atmosphere of people eating an uncanned drink is rare because of stinking hatred occasioned by Conflicts, striving, and quarrel. In this organization, the management is daft and adamant about managing conflicts or intervening, or even doing the […]