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Capacity & Result

These two words mean so much to me and to any man or woman who has an agenda with destiny and success in life, business and career. Success for brevity and loosely is defined as one ACHIEVING GOD’s GIVEN PURPOSE(S) FOR SELF. Vast majority of human race are failing in life and pursuits.

Some don’t care: just been enough with “go-to work, work, return, eat, watch TV, sleep, wake-up”. Repeat (30+ years.)

Vast majority of human do not have the internal CAPACITY to ask themselves frank questions about life, pursuit and where it is heading to.

Vast majority of people cannot CREATE and SUSTAIN success even when they envy or admire the successful.

The primary reason failures are too rampant in life, business, leadership, administration, goals and pursuits is capitally CAPACITY, CAPACITY, and CAPACITY. What is your capacity for containing what you are looking for? Have you expanded your capacity so that your pursuit and future can fit into it?

The next variable is RESULT. If human is tree (which is so), the fruits are the results. The fruit is the ESSENCE, END, GOAL, REWARD of the process or struggle. Too many do things without having results in mind. That’s stupid. Why won’t that person fail? If you want to change the fruits (results) you don’t want, you change the roots. If you want to change the visible ie results, you change the invisible. Everything you want (and the one you don’t want) in life is a fruit, a result. Money, wealth, health, illness, big belly, obesity, success or failure are all results. We live in a world of CAUSE and EFFECT. Results are EFFECT. The roots are the CAUSE.

Put your whole life on line to succeed – Mike Ihezuo.

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Dr Mike Ihezuo

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Mike is a leader and leader’s developer, a speaker, an author and a prolific writer, a researcher and consultant. He invests life, time, energy, resources and money to empowering organizations desiring upward dive to top performance and individuals desirous of fulfilling their destinies, discovering purpose and seeking success towards significance. Mike, as a life coach, team builder, conflict resolutions exponent, motivational maestro, negotiation experts, corporate strategist, an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial developer, invites you to this LeadershipRoundTableHQ. Let’s talk and discuss so as to learn and GROW…


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