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Capacity For Leadership: #1 Bane On Leadership Performance.

“People cannot be managed… inventory, materials, machines and money can be managed, but people [managers and manpower] must be led”, says H Ross Perot.

Leadership is a skill, though more predominantly an attitude. Your born a leader is the day you discover YOU, and your made a leader is the day you’re taught and you learned (at any age) if the desire and commitment to learn is present.

+ Companies can turn their managers into leaders.

+ Pastors can turn their ministers/workers into leaders.

+ Presidents and governors can turn their appointees and legislators into leaders.

+ Activists can turn their people into leaders.

+ Traditional rulers can turn their cabinet members (chiefs and dukes) into leaders.

+ On and on and on.

But managers, pastors, political heads, union activists and rulers deliberate negligence and ignoramus to turn followers to leaders (but instead to use them as tools like screwdrivers, hammers and spanners) is the greatest undoing to our moving forward as a corporate people.

Please Economy, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Political Party, Ethnicity, Religion, White or Black, North or South, or any of such is NOT OUR/YOUR problem.

Our problems (yes: problems) is singularly LEADERSHIP FAILURES. Leadership failures are creation of leadership. That’s why I preach that all problems are not created by people but by LEADERS, hence all solutions cannot come from anyone than The LEADERS.

Permit me ask you question:

How many leaders: Managers, Pastors, Union Leaders, Government Officials, etc., have read a book on leadership or a book in People Leadership since last one month? Raise your hands or say ‘I’. If not raise your legs and say ‘Nay’. “Kpom, kpom”. The ‘I’s have it.

Can we see what we’re saying? How can you lead when you’re not learning DAILY mankind most demanding and challenging call – leadership?

This is from the Brand: Mike Ihezuo.

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