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Can You Be A Great Leader Without Technical Experts?

A lot of people assume that the skills you need to be a leader are more or less transferable like shares/stocks. They think: if you can inspire and motivate people in one area, you should be able to apply those skills to do the same in another area. Wow! It’s transference of leadership acumen from a sector to another. But skills like ability to motivate self and others, effective oral and written communication differ from one domain to another. See this: Doctors influencing patients must communicate to them differently from how a Politician who is conversing for votes will do at campaign ground or even a CEO responding to Union to avert labour strike. These are all leaders in different sectors, with different acumen.

The FACT is leadership principle is same, but practice differs from one environment to other.

What’s Implication of this?

  1. Implications to Leadership Developers.

Primarily to my fellow leadership developers, when we develop leaders for companies, clubs, unions, churches and government agencies, let’s be mindful of;

1st. We need to be more explicit that the domain expertise matters.

2nd. We need to give them practice solving domain-specific problems.

3rd. More.

These and more help them to integrate information to areas they are asked to lead.

  1. Implications to Training Managers & CEs.

Managers, stop asking Management experts to teach you Leadership. It’s like asking an Accountants or Finance/Banker to teach you about Money or Wealth Creation. If Accountants have got money or know about money, he/she wouldn’t be counting other persons’ own but his/hers.

Take Home:

To the question, “can you be a great leader without technical experts?”, the answer is YES and NO.

Yes: Leadership Principle are Universal – SAME.

Capacity Development to deploy this principle in various sectors can be attained, after all leaders are made by knowledge & attitude

No: Leadership Practice are Specific – NOT SAME.

Where Capacity Development is not available at the time, leadership goal attainment fails.


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