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Building Unbreakable Self-Discipline Exercises, Part 1


Do you easily give in to temptation or pressure? Do you find yourself unable to stay on track with your goals and dreams? Do you feel easily tossed to and fro by any wind of information or story? Do you feel like you’re constantly struggling with self-control, temperance, and self-discipline?

If so, don’t worry.

The truth is that you’re not alone. Everyone finds himself at one time or another in such circumstances. Some try to face it, be in control, and overcome it. Some are forever controlled by such depravities. It is this latter group that is forever controlled by such depravities that I want to address and write to. They are undisciplined. They need discipline to be disciplined.


Permit me to share 13 exercises that can help build unbreakable self-discipline! I will have it in Parts 1 and 2. Follow me.

  1. Create or have a Daily plan.

Creating a daily plan is one of the best ways to build unbreakable self-discipline or self-control. By organizing your time, setting your goals, and ensuring your priorities are right and up-to-date and your to-do list is always up-to-date, you can develop a firm dedication to achieving those goals.

Writing down each day’s objectives in a diary, jotter, or notepad allows you to become more methodical [disciplined] in completing tasks while also amplifying your focus and willpower as you strive toward success. Start practicing it. This is Discipline 101, where Self-Discipline begins. Being too soft, lenient, and tolerant to yourself can be detrimental and the beginning of failure; try setting achievable deadlines for each item on your jotted list; it will help maximize your return and put you in control of even the most demanding and challenging days. Self-discipline exercises like this are extremely beneficial for those seeking to live a life without distractions or unwelcome diversions—tests that may otherwise require extra discipline from outside sources.

2. Break Each Task into Smaller Pieces.

Any day, anywhere, building self-discipline is no easy task, but it can be done with dedication and commitment. Breaking big tasks into manageable pieces is an important exercise to help build unbreakable self-discipline. This means that instead of undertaking, tackling, or embarking upon a large project all at once, divide it into smaller and instinctively available tasks where each has a clear goal and purpose. By taking small steps and monitoring progress as each step is completed, you begin to develop and establish new habits of diligence that naturally lead to greater productivity and performance.

Furthermore, by breaking down tasks into smaller steps, you develop the patience to wait for the results rather than giving up after the first and second tries. In this way, the ability to work hard and stay on course will become integrated into your character and attitude, providing an invaluable basis for life-long confidence in your abilities.

3. Tune Out the Enemy Called distractions.

See, if you want to build unbreakable self-discipline, it is essential to practice self-discipline. Self-discipline is practicable and can be practiced like a sport. One way to do this is by tuning out distractions. This could mean limiting TV  and video watching, checking emails or social media sites, taking breaks from the internet altogether, or silencing the noises in your environment by any means [such as by wearing noise-canceling headphones or working in a quiet space]. Doing this exercise helps one focus on tasks and improves the attention span one puts on them.

Practicing or building self-discipline through tuning out distractions helps us exercise our willpower, better direct our focus, and become masters of our minds. Most times in life, we exercise our willpower in wickedness and hatred, while the best place to test our willpower is in self-discipline.

4. Take Time for Fun and rest.

Self-discipline is essential to leading a successful and accomplished life, but it’s also important to take time to celebrate and have fun. Keeping yourself motivated can be difficult without fun, especially if self-discipline becomes an arduous task. Having self-discipline exercises such as setting goals that require commitment, smiling more often to cultivate optimism, and resisting the urge to make impulsive decisions can also help strengthen your willpower. But taking time for fun activities that you enjoy is especially beneficial because it improves your overall well-being, health, and fitness. From there, you will be more inspired and energetic when it comes to achieving a goal through self-discipline.

Remember, your body carries your mind and spirit, so your body needs to be strong and energetic. All in all, these elements, combined in a harmonious balance, help us foster better self-discipline so that you can move closer to your aspirations with fortitude and confidence.

5. Make a List of goals.

Identifying and setting goals is one of the most effective ways to create indissoluble self-discipline. When you make a list of goals, you separate what is important from those that aren’t, what matters from what doesn’t, allowing you to focus your energy on beneficial activities and effectively achieve them. It also creates a sense of accomplishment when all targets are reached, a great feeling that boosts morale and further increases motivation. and for those not achieved, it helps you learn what went wrong. Additionally, it is easier to break down complex tasks to meet bigger objectives by creating short-term, achievable goals.

All in all, making a list of goals can be a great self-discipline exercise to build unbreakable discipline.

6. See a Picture of Success: Visualize Success

What you see is what you get! This is common parlance in computing and is true. One of the best ways to practice such control is to visualize success. What you see is motivation and can propel you far and wide. This involves setting realistic, achievable goals for yourself and visualizing success before it happens as if you have already achieved it.

You take possession of what you see [visualize]. By repeating this visualization exercise daily, ideally at least once a day in a quiet moment when you can focus, you’ll find that your concentration increases and sticking to your goals becomes all that much easier. The more you do this exercise of envisioning success and envisioning yourself achieving what you set out to do, the greater the results you will reap over time when it comes to developing unbreakable self-control!

Continue on Part 2.

Mike Ihezuo is an Author, a Public speaker, and a consultant. He helps upward-moving individuals and organizations achieve their goals in Leadership, entrepreneurship, and Success Motivation. He can help. He can be reached at leadermikeo@gmail.com for inquiries or at https://mikeihezuospeaks.net or #LeadershipXcellence, @mikeihezuospeakshq OR from Ad Inquiry.

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