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Benefits Of Problems, Part 2

A leader never has two good days in a row; so you’re likely in the midst of one sort of problem or another, one sort of challenge or another. Whether it’s a problem at work or within your own personal life, or people you lead, there is a current situation just waiting to become an opportunity for growth. That’s what I codename problem.

Take a moment and ask yourself these two questions:

One, WHY and then, where am I facing a problem in my life right now? [Always remember to start with WHY!]

Two, what truths do I need to see about myself in order to move past this problem?

You know, we don’t normally check our life by asking pertinent questions which will generate growth answers? Our questions are mostly to attack managers, leaders and governments, not to our subconscious minds.

You may discover that you don’t need a solution to the problem as much as you need a solution to your own growth. [Reread}

Be more concerned with solutions to your growth.


That’s why many call their challenges problems. That’s an Error!!!

Big Question:

To look for solutions to your growth, what do you do?

My Answer:

  • Find a good book,
  • attend a great seminar or talk, or
  • spend time with a mentor live or
  • stay with a mentor via his/her books/CDs or
  • associate with someone you trust and get some feedback on how to get your growth in gear D [Drive] or gear 1, 2,3,4,5, but never on R [Reverse]. Great, isn’t it?

Developing yourself first is the key to transforming your problems into possibilities. When you climb higher, what was problem at the ground ceased to be a problem any longer. You now know you’ve grown or you’re growing.

You’ll fly higher and farther when you learn to see problems differently. It will change the course of your life. Look out for growth and opportunity in every situation. Go and conquer, Win your battles today and forever. Be victorious. Be the winner and champion you’re created to be. Amen.

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