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Benefits of Planning


Planning is a force in the school of success. How can one succeed in a matter he/she didn’t plan? Many say that not planning is preparing to fail but I say that not planning is already failing.

Why do I say that?

We’re actually successful by emerging at birth and billed/made/meant to succeed, but forces of relapsing and relaxing make us settle for less. We take what we see as our lot, our date, and our portion. What a pity! We refuse to fight for the success that we were made to be. Life doesn’t give you what is yours unless you desire, demand, and command it. That’s the unfairness of life people say when they say, “Life is not fair”.

We refuse to do the ADDITIONAL thing that can make us grab the success we were MADE/MEANT/BILLED to achieve. So, failure becomes defacto settlement, defacto position, and defacto reward. Am I shocking you to tell you that “FAILURE IS A REWARD, so is SUCCESS”? Quote me!

Please note, many things account for these additional build-ups to success and all these accounting elements require a lot of our MIND energy (brain: thinking), and a few MOTOR energy (actions: deeds). One of them is PLANNING. Many people, perhaps over 70% will prefer to die (talking figuratively now, not literally) instead of planning the next trip, the day, the office activities, the next project, the operations, the next engagement, the next thing.

Their reasons are:

+ Does it matter (planning it)? It doesn’t.
+ Won’t circumstances thwart the plans?
+ times and things are unstable. No need.
+ It’s better to take things as they come (my way)
+ I may not be disciplined enough to implement the plans.
+ What of people “succeeding”? Did THEY plan? Wasn’t it a jackpot, lottery, “yahoo”, embezzlement, stealing, aggrandizement, etc. that they did? [But who told you that is success? or that they’re successful? or they succeeded?]. Wrong Definition of Success anyway!
+ God’s plan for me…God is in charge. Of course, HE is: everywhere, not only for you.
+ on and on and on.

Other reasons are;

+ They don’t know how to plan.
+ They haven’t been sold the idea to make planning EVERYTHING a culture to themselves.
+ They haven’t bought into the advice and culture of making planning a way of life.
+ They haven’t known the benefits of planning, and that the benefits of planning outweigh the laziness, lousiness, and ignorance of not planning.

Planning is done on;

  1. individual lives levels
    2. individual life events, programs, projects, days, business, career, academic, pursuits, *plan’s plan* levels.
    3. family levels
    4. village levels.
    5. towns, State, Nation, and world levels
    6. club, and association levels
    7. organizations: profit and nonprofit
    8. Government
    9. Churches, Mosques, Ministries, and Institutions

Now, do #1, #2, and perhaps#3 i.e., your life, your events, programs, projects, days, business, career, academic, pursuits, plan’s plan, and then family levels if you are in charge. So, what I say/write for individuals, I do the same for the body corporate.

Why will I plan?

This is one of the reasons people don’t plan: THEY KNOW LITTLE OF OR DON’T KNOW THE BENEFITS OF PLANNING. See my last bulleted point under the Other Reasons paragraph above.

Let me give you a little as this is not a seminar/workshop. I handle them extensively in LIVE workshops. You can Contact #leadershipxcellence, @MikeOIhezuo.

Benefits of Planning include but are not limited to these few;

  1. Planning makes you stand out. Planners that are doers have the sky as their starting point, not the limit. To stand out, be outstanding, and top-notch, much planning goes underground, background, and beneath.
  2. Planning makes you organized. Comportment, confidence, boldness, and audacity are because someone has planned, himself or herself. The antidote to embarrassment is to plan. You can’t run away from embarrassment if you hate planning.
  3. Planning removes tension, stress, and pressure. The key to running away from high tension or hypertension, stressful stress, and high blood pressure is planning. Planlessness produces them.
  4. Planning gives you directions. All ways/roads become options because you failed to plan, otherwise, you would have discovered that some ways are the devil’s bottomless pit abyss, while planning helps you see the breakthrough path.
  5. Planning makes you see the nitty-gritty details: hidden costs, wastes, expenses, hidden losses or profits – just because you planned. What if you didn’t plan? You wallow in darkness.
  6. Planning reduces your chances of incurring debts. Indebtedness is a sign of planlessness. You can sell on credit but avoid being on credit.

Wow, make me stop here!

Mike Ihezuo can be reached via leadermikeo@gmail.comhttps://mikeihezuospeaks.net, Ad Inquiry, https://proctles.com, @mikeihezuospeakahq. He helps organizations and individuals to succeed in their Success goals. He can help you too. He’s an entrepreneur and leader and speaks lively and actively about them. See you helping your organization succeed.

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