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Be Your Adviser, 01: Intuition

Be Your Adviser, Use Your Intuition – Does this mean we can’t listen to people or ask questions? Certainly, NO. Leader Mike can’t say that. By the way, you don’t listen only to people, you also listen to things. Things have ears and mouths hence have messages for you if you have ears. But for today, follow me intently and attentively.

Deep down within all of us is a fountain of wisdom. This is called intuition. Yes, in-tuition. Listening to your intuition is a slow-learned process. It starts by recognizing that tiny inner voice or feeling that will tell you when you’ve done something you shouldn’t have. It’s an incredibly still small quiet voice and needs silence and concentration to hear it undistorted and undistracted, to begin with.

You might like to call it your conscience but it’s a protective device to save you from wrong choices, decisions or judgment. I see intuition as a safety value built by the CREATOR to protect you whether you’re HIS committed or non-committed child or even none of HIS. You can imagine the benevolence of the ALMIGHTY!

You know that you know when you’ve done something bad. You know when you’ve got to apologize, make amends, put things right. You know. And I know you know. I know because we all know. There’s no getting away from it. Once you start listening to that inner voice or feeling the feeling, you’ll find it can help. It will become more than a mindless parrot perched on your shoulder, chanting, “You messed up again”, and “you goofed again” after the decisions to change, repent, and make amends.

The key is when you hear your intuition telling you whether something is the right thing to do or not — before you do it: try running stuff past your inner you before doing things and see what reaction you get. Once you get used to this, you’ll find it easier, and you’ll be sharpening your intuition. Again, intuition is a protective device by God for everyone. For those that know their God, Intuition + Holy Spirit + The Word; you can’t be stranded or confused.

Just intro, see you in Part 2 for the real meat.

Mike Ihezuo is a speaker and author in Leadership. He can help you. You can reach him on the CONTACT.

For now, what do you think? Comment.


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