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Be Loose to Deliver as A Leader

Right now: Be Loose to Deliver as A Leader. Do you know all the training in the world will provide only limited success if you don’t turn yourself and your people loose to do the job/task they were trained on?  The way to do that is to give them responsibility, authority, and accountability. Period.

Leaders generate these three forces – responsibility, authority, and accountability.

For some people, responsibility is the easiest to give. But what is difficult for some leaders is allowing their people to keep the responsibility after it’s been given. Poor managers or leaders want to control every detail of their people’s work. When that happens, the potential leaders who work for them become frustrated and don’t develop. I know many proprietors/CEOs of businesses who don’t mind training but can never allow their people authority to carry out the assigned responsibility, yet they expect such staff to account for what they don’t have authority to execute. It is frustrating consulting for such clients, how much more those working under them as employees.

On the other side of it, many leaders rather than desiring more responsibility, become indifferent or avoid responsibility altogether.

Responsibility must go with authority. Winston Churchill, the UK PM during WW2 said in an address, “I am your servant. You have the right to dismiss me when you please. What you have no right to do is ask me to bear responsibility without the power of action.” You read and understand it!

Once responsibility and authority have been given to people, they become empowered to make things happen. But we also must be sure that they are making the right things happen. Sir, this is where accountability comes into the picture. In accountability, you account for the things entrusted to your care.

Hi Leader, indeed Be Loose to Deliver as a Leader. Mike Ihezuo helps leaders a lot. He can also help you and tour organizations. He can be reached via this CONTACT.

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