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Bad Leadership, Succeeding In Spite Of It, Part 1


Succeeding under bad leadership is not a chicken change! A bad or poor leader is one who performs far below reasonable leadership expectations. Bad leaders are everywhere – scattered here and there – in your areas and mine. And that’s the bane (the lid) on our growth. Quite unfortunately they are in our institutions, corporate bodies, and political offices. Poor leadership recruitment, development, and sustainable process contribute to this feat.

But succeeding under bad leaders placed over you requires serious work on your side else you will be frustrated, wearied, and given up on your journey to destiny. Poor/bad leadership over you is like bad fate, punishment, or curse, but you must rise above it, neither to be submerged nor keep silent on it.

When a bad leader emerges by-election perhaps president, governor, chairman, DG, CEO, or such portfolio, you’ve to wait for the next election to change him/her, if passing a vote of no confidence is not possible. The bad news is a bad leader can be metamorphosis into a despot or dictator.

bad leadership
bad leadership

If such a leader emerges by appointment, it raises suspicion and questions whether the substantive leader who appointed the bad subleader is competent and Intelligent enough for appointing a failure.


  1. If a sports coach appoints a bad leader specimen as a Captain, other players when they see the incompetence and poor leadership of the captain, will begin to doubt the competencies of the coach by that act of appointing a bad captain. It can cause self-withdrawal tendencies in players.
  2. When a bad Head of Department, Supervisor, or Manager is appointed and over time no change but bad leadership appraisal continues rolling in, the members of the department begin to question the competencies of the appointing authority: Rector, VC or CEO, MD, DG, etc who appointed this poor leader persona.
  3. When a government department is failing consistently, people start blaming the president, governor, or chairman over the incompetence of his appointees and by extension begin to see the president/governor/chairman as a failure, especially when they cannot be fast in replacing the appointees.

A few months ago, security menaces of this country were blamed on security chiefs, and the president was called to sack and reappoint new security chiefs. This he did.

see you in part 2

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