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Bad Leadership, Succeeding In Spite Of It, Part 2

Please note a bad leadership tilt towards failure. Note also that;

bad leadership
bad leadership
  1. leaders take you to where you’ve not been before, either because he’s been there, know how to get there, knows how there can be, or he will be privileged to be informed before you.
  2. leaders make for your all-dimensional growth concerning where the leading is taking place.
  3. leaders take you from point A to point B translationally either horizontally, vertically, or both.
  4. leaders are givers of hope leaders are dealers of hope.
  5. leaders make you strive for excellence.
  6. leaders make your destiny realization easy and fast.

Now when you have got a bad leader, none of these six [6] items can be achieved fast and at ease singularly and collectively in either your life, career, or business, without extra more efforts.

As a leader, I have had a career working with terrible bad leaders placed over me. I still have one bad leader presently as I write now in one aspect of my pursuits.  I have worked with;

  • Power-drunk, despot, and dictator
  • Visionless and directionless
  • Indecisive and inconsistent
  • Insecure and safe-playing
  • Attitude and character bizarre
  • Hated and bully type
  • Ineptitude and Lifeless
  • Indiscipline
  • Fraudulent and corrupt
  • Add yours …


Solutions bother asking the right questions and answering them honestly. My disturbing questions, perhaps yours too, are;

  • How can I succeed under a leader who is DIFFICULT to work with? Hardly can s/he carry you along, or can you effortlessly follow him/her unperturbed?
  • How can I succeed under a leader who DISLIKES/HATES my face [me]? If s/he has power or convenience, he will sack, but s/he won’t.
  • How can I succeed under a leader who is VISIONLESS and DIRECTIONLESS? Also, confused, frustrated, and disordered?
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who is INDECISIVE and INCONSISTENT? Can be tossed by any wind.
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who is INSECURE and SAFE-PLAYING? Fearful of losing his/her seat, cowed.
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who has ATTITUDE and CHARACTER defects? Rude saucy and negative,
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who HATES and BULLIES people? Mr/Mrs/Ms. Bully.
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who is INDISCIPLINED? Bribery and Corruption, despot, nepotism, and tribal
  • How can I succeed under a difficult bad leader who is INCOMPETENT and lacks leadership skills? Naïve, tiro, amateur, in fact, a “child” in the brain.

There are ways. I’m bothered about your success in your career as a leader and as one who follows me, that’s why the questions I asked were “How can I [you] succeed…”. Do everything to succeed despite BAD LEADER BEFORE YOU.

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