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Data Sciences

data sciences

Career Advice on Data Sciences. Introduction Can I advise someone? Perhaps you! I am qualified to. I know. It is on a career. Which career do you prefer for your children or ward to study at the college or university level? Given you the responsibility to advise or guide, which ones make your list? What […]

Before you say YES to a Leadership Position


Before you say YES to a Leadership Position or responsibility, there are certain things you must be sure of, at least to 80% level. Many people take up leadership positions because they see it as glamour. Most see it as their turn. Some see it as what they have grown into. Some see it as […]

Confused Leaders Produce Confused Followers


Confusion is a serious matter because confused leaders produce confused followers. Introduction… Many red flags and warning signs of bad leadership, heads, or management exist. Yes, there are many, but one of them is when followers are confused. When followers are confused, it means they have entered a “one-chance leader.” A bad leader is a […]

Strategic Rediscovery


Strategic Rediscovery: 5 Renewal Strategies for Aspiring Successful Organization in Today’s Economy is my burden. When you work in any store, pharmacy, supermarket, superstore, or even open market, you groan over the uncontrollable rising cost of living. Even the currency is losing value against international currencies, and I can assure you that it is even […]

Leaders Dispense Leadership


Leaders Dispense Leadership anywhere, anytime naturally, and 360o. Two years ago, on a Sunday, after worship service, I drove straight to my office to do certain work, which is unusual with me. I was there after some time, I started hearing some noise outside. I came out. I saw people running helter as they say. […]

Leadership Models, Part 1


Leadership models help us to understand what makes leaders act the way they do. Please, leaders don’t just act the way they act in a vacuum – something in them causes it. The idea is not for you as a leader to lock yourself into a type of behavior discussed in the model, but to […]

Be The Generous Leader


Let me share with leaders what I can consider to be ways to give yourself for everyone i.e. being the generous leader. I don’t mean been stupid, but real sacrifice as a leader. We live in a VUCHA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Chaos, and Ambiguous) world. Very disruptive indeed. In VUCHA and disruptive world, leaders need more […]

Leadership Models, Part 2: Managerial Grid


We continue with the Managerial Grid in our Leadership Models. Part 1 was treated where we looked at the Four Framework Approach [as model 1]. Now we want to look at the Managerial Grid [as model 2]. Leadership Models 2 Managerial Grid This is also known as Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid in honour of […]

The Process of Great Leadership


There is a road that leads to great leadership. Just like there is a road that leads to a great life, a great company, a great organization, or a great nation. Please a good leader does not mean a great leader. A good leader doesn’t even mean an effective leader. Many good leaders are ineffective. […]

Concepts of Leadership


In looking at the Concept of Leadership, I quote Kenneth Boulding in his book, The Image: Knowledge in Life and Society who said, “The meaning of a message is the change that it produces in the image“. Good leaders are made [put together] not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become […]

Wants to Succeed a Boss, Office Politics?


Do you want to succeed as a boss, an outgoing legendary CEO, chairman, or president of a group? It’s Office Politics. Career life either in the public or private sector isn’t simple or straight anymore. It’s convoluted with a lot of ordeals: political, spiritual, and physical. There was a time when it wasn’t so.  There […]

What is peace

what is peace

What is peace sounds like a puzzle or rhetoric but a serious heart-demanding answer. My Snapshots on It – Intro It has always been among humanity’s most sought out or highest values, for some, it is supreme. You have heard of such as: “Peace at any price.” “The piece of my heart”. Read me, and […]