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Anger Management, Part 1: Case of Zinedine Zidane

Discipline lies at the root of all success and accomplishment, even discipline with your emotions (feelings, outbursts, wraths), actions (deeds) and mouth (pronouncements).

From my book “The Time You’re Livin’ In: Living Successfully in 21st Century”, receive the excerpt on how indiscipline from anger mismanagement can ruin a leader’s life, career or business.


On Sunday, July 9, 2006, the 18th edition of FIFA World Cup hosted by Germany came to an end with Italy beating France to lift the gold trophy. All through the competition, several events happened but too striking is this story:

During the final match, Zinedine Zidane received the matching order, which did not go down well with many football fans especially the French supporters.

The question is why did the referee send the football star off the pitch?

Zidane, the son of an Algerian immigrant, is one of the best players the round leather game (soccer) has ever witnessed.

In 1998, he played a major role in helping France win the World Cup. The 38year-old [in 2006] who retired from international soccer has indeed given his best and has his name written in gold in football history; 3-times world best player, Zidane was a maestro (Master, Guru) in the pitch. Zidane who has been called so many names like Zizou, King, Professor, etc., had no previous record of indiscipline on or off the pitch, but shocked the entire world when it mattered most. For a player who had been described as one of the coolest players in the world, what could have happened that made him loss his self-control?

According to Ben Alaiya, group sports editor of Daily Independent, “His cool mien is second to none, his disposition on-and-off the pitch pristine.”

So, what happened to Leader Zidane?

During the proceedings of the final match, in the second half, a replay saw Zidane head-butting an Italian player on

Credit: ATPS Comps

the chest. The replay also showed that the player would have said something to Zidane, which obviously he didn’t like. And what was the outcome of Zidane’s ANGER? The ultimate prize of a red card (quit the play)! Hey!!!!

Did Zidane show professionalism when it mattered most? Far from it! He allowed his anger take the better part of him. This is a player who was nominated for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the ongoing tournament, a player who was to retire when the ovation was highest, a captain and a team leader who the young ones were looking up to; doing what no one ever thought he would do. Zidane was all-round leader in soccer and perhaps other areas except in one thing: emotion – temperament/anger. Football, we all know is an emotional game; all right, but is that an excuse?

see us in Part 2

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