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Agile Leadership, Part 1

In a globalized work environment, agile leadership is essential if an organization is to affect true agile business change. What do I mean? The agility in which business changes is alarmingly critical and erratic. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM OF BUSINESS CLIME WE’RE IN… AND THE REAL PROBLEM IS WE HARDLY HAVE AGILE LEADERS IN ORGANIZATIONS, CORPORATIONS AND POLITY TO HANDLE AGILE SITUATIONS AND WORK ENVIRONMENTS.

Agile leaders are different from other leaders.


: a passion for learning

: a focus on developing people

: a strong ability to define and communicate a desired vision,

AGILE leaders possess all of the tools necessary;

: to successfully INSPIRE others and

: become an AGENT FOR CHANGE

within an organization.

Agile leaders;

: Focus on needs of others

: Acknowledge others perspectives

: Give them the care they need to meet their work and personal goals

: Involve them in decisions where appropriate, and

: Build a sense of community within their teams.

Take Home: Develop AGILE leadership in you.


Mike Ihezuo have been helping organizations in their Leadership, Management, Business Startups and Teamwork challenges. He can help yours too. CALL Now.

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