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15 Diseases of Leadership, Part 2

Disease #2 – is the Disease of MENTAL and EMOTIONAL “PETRIFICATION.” This is found in leaders who have a heart of stone, the “stiff-necked,” in those who over time lose their interior serenity, alertness and daring, and hide under a pile of paper (endless probing), turning into paper pushers and NOT men and women of compassion. It is dangerous to lose human sensitivity that enables us to weep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice. It is because as time goes on, our (those leaders’) hearts grow hard and become INCAPABLE OF LOVING all those around us (and those we lead). Being a HUMANE LEADER MEANS HAVING THE SENTIMENTS OF HUMILITY AND UNSELFISHNESS, of detachment and generosity.

This is leadership disease#2. Till we meet, prepare to go, and treat those with this disease parading themselves as leaders. Tell them, “A leader ought not to be diseased and still has the got to lead.”.

See you on disease #3 or CONTACT.

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