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11 Shocking Reasons Why Many Too Book People Are Poor

Why are too many so called educated “bukuru” [book] people after so many degrees are still poor commensurate to years and supposed knowledge acquired? Much cogitations of mine have enabled me come up with these 11 unbreakable reasons.

Reason #1

Why so many “bukuru” people are poor is because of financial education is not given/taught in schools whether at UG, PG, post-doctoral, primary or secondary. Think of it for 5 seconds. People think education is schooling in 4-wall of a school. Error! School does not teach about life, money or leadership, rather school can teach getting a career or employment. School wasn’t designed for the former. You can get broke even with 10 PhD degrees.

Way Out

Read good books from impacting authors, books in and outside your discipline, books on business, financial literacy, selling, leadership, growth, relationship or as applied to your interest areas maybe fashion, dietics, properties, estates development, etc. Deal with financial illiteracy squarely. More importantly, think out of the box.

Reason #2

Most “bukuru” people are too poor because most people become uneducated immediately after their schooling. What is education? schooling? To many, it is a degree from UI, Unical, IMSU, Unilag, IMOPOLY, etc. Education is not got at the classroom per se, but it’s what you get every day as you get your food/oxygen, when you get info, you don’t have from someone.


See education as water, air and food you take in and use it all time, at all places and are never enough. In fact, morning own cannot suffix in afternoon. You get used up with schooling but not with education. So get educated.

Reason #3

Reason most educated people (“bukuru”) is poor is because the more time you spend in school, the more you are likely to love the job – slow and steady, sometimes slow and same, than thinking of greatness/richness. School wasn’t design to make wealthy, but highest comfortable, if you’re able to get a plum job. The search for getting wealthy/rich becomes agitations for promotions and other irregularities/immoralities lecture/teachers indulge in at the massacre of academics.

Reason #4

Truly wealthy people are people who would work with 20-50 [many persons’] brains. Bukuru people are used to working alone or at most three. Jobs don’t gives you leverage to make wealth. Work does. “Bukuru” people don’t have the leverage others or entrepreneurs have to work with 100 hands, 50 brains and such. Wealth come by leveraging on other people’s money (OPM), effort (OPE), time (OPT) and or resources (OPR).


Everyone cannot be an entrepreneur. You can master the act of investing, if you can’t be entrepreneur, you can use your skills. Mathematically, esbi – e = sbi.

Reason #5

Reason many “bukuru” people are poor is because so many of them who believe in their minds that they’re educated are arrogant. So many of them because of plenty degrees, tend to believe that these ones who drop from uni/poly or didn’t finish school nor attended any school have nothing to offer them, but these “bukuru” people incidentally go and be their PA, protocol officer and letter writer. You need to see lecturers argue in their group. It is called academic exercise.


Be humbled and learn from anyone and anything.

Reason #6

Reason many “bukuru” people are poor is because many highly educated [schooled] people and highly paid/salaried people buy a lot of liabilities (unlike their uneducated ones). The ones who believe he has a big job [that’s the many that earn about N1m/month] buy a lot of nonsense – expensive gadgets, house and mortgage. The amount earn doesn’t matter as much as what you invest in your future.

Reason #7

Reason for this poverty is because many highly educated “bukuru” people do lose their jobs. No matter, people do lose their business also but not as disastrous as people lose their jobs. This is because they are business owners, and they started from the scratch, hence can always start/rebuild again.


In today’s economy, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, anything can happen. Employee job depends on the decision of another, while entrepreneur business depends on his decision. Be today’s compliant.

Reason #8

The reason “bukuru” people are poor is because of school certified or sponsored loan, bank or TetFund loan, which they spent a lot of time repaying. Imagine in 2018 in US, average college debt (loan) amounted to $70, 000. $37,172 is average student’s debt. Some students leave school with over N200,000. At PhD level, it amounts to N1m plus. It can take 7 years for average students to pay up outrageous debt. That means the “bukuru” man continues in penury.

Reason #9

The reason is because taxes are made for them (the “bukurus”). See this illustration: in August 2011, Warren Buffet wrote an opinion in which he wrote that his 2010 Federal Tax is 17.4% tax paid by his company as compared to 30.28% paid by average 20 of his workers. Why? Taxes are made for employees. So the much money they make, the more government dupes them.

Reason #10

The reason many “bukuru” people are poor is because the more time you spent in classroom, the more you are likely to live your life alone (solitary) – no collaboration, one brain, not 50, one pair of hands, not 50. School is designed to teach you to do things, (assignment, homework, exam) alone while in real world collaborations, networking, teamwork and partnership are the way to go for wealth.

Reason #11

Many “bukuru” keeping reading, reading and reading till they become professor and beyond because of devilish thinking that life is Turn-by-Turn, so one day it will be my turn to become a VC, Rector. Provost, Director of Plum Project, etc , so that by my turn I will steal, steal and steal.


In life less than 0.001% attain such height in a group, so for 99.99% to wait for such opportunity will land them into poverty. life is not T-by-T but being the right person at the right time at the right place (lessons for another day) and placing a demand on what you DESIRE.

#LeadershipIsEverything,  #Entrepreneurial Leaders, and #MikeIhezuoSpeaks speak Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Success Motivational. A Management expert, Teamwork maestro and PeaceConlicts exponents. Reach him on CONTACT.

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